Teeth Whitening

Make Those Teeth Shine! Summertime is upon us and that means it’s time for a whiter, glowing smile! Whitening your teeth can give you a fresh new look that is sure to turn heads! Dr. Sama believes that everyone should feel like the best version of themselves at all times, and she can’t wait to help you! What Causes Teeth to Stain? There are two main types of tooth stain: intrinsic (stains occurring from within the tooth) and extrinsic (stains occurring on the outside of the tooth). Extrinsic stains can be caused by smoking, coffee, tea, red wine, and some medications such as liquid iron. Extrinsic stains can be removed by having a professional cleaning done. Some toothpastes also contain a m

How 16 Mile Dental Can Help You Have a Healthy and Perfect Smile

Traditionally, a lot of people only visit their dentist when there is an issue with their teeth. Even when you think you may have perfectly healthy teeth, you should still visit a dentist. Dentists are trained health care professionals who have been through 8 years or more of post-secondary education. Not to mention, dentists also have an obligation to continue their education on a yearly basis, keeping current with all new information in order to give their patients the best and safest care possible. Maybe it’s not the health of your teeth that you are worried about. Maybe it’s the fact that you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile. This is also something 16 Mile Dental can help yo

Good Oral Health

Top Simple Tips To Prevent Common Tooth Problems In most areas of life, it is the little things we do that make the biggest difference. How we care for our children's teeth and gums is one them. Most parents today find themselves too busy to make time to demonstrate or set examples for their kids when it comes to making sure their teeth stay healthy. Have you ever heard the saying “monkey see, monkey do?” Children are mirror images of their parents, so it’s extremely important to practice what we preach, especially when it comes to oral health care. At 16 Mile Dental, we will show and teach you exactly what you and your children need to know in order to have a lifetime of healthy teeth and g

Valuable Advice for Better Dental Health

We use our teeth in SO many different ways. One of the best ways we use our teeth is with a big smile! Another great way we use our teeth is to gather with dear friends and family over a large feast. Although having healthy, white, straight teeth is important to most, there is much more to a healthy mouth than the teeth that occupy it. The dental professionals at 16 Mile Dental in Oakville have spent years studying and getting clinical experience in all areas of the mouth, including assessment of salivary glands, gums, bones and the nervous system, which all contribute to your overall health. Dr. Sama understands that health issues can originate from within the mouth and therefore, she provi

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