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How 16 Mile Dental Can Help You Have a Healthy and Perfect Smile

Traditionally, a lot of people only visit their dentist when there is an issue with their teeth. Even when you think you may have perfectly healthy teeth, you should still visit a dentist. Dentists are trained health care professionals who have been through 8 years or more of post-secondary education. Not to mention, dentists also have an obligation to continue their education on a yearly basis, keeping current with all new information in order to give their patients the best and safest care possible. Maybe it’s not the health of your teeth that you are worried about. Maybe it’s the fact that you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile. This is also something 16 Mile Dental can help you with!

16 Mile Dental houses dental experts who provide treatment for aesthetic (the look) or restorative (fixing decay) purposes. Amalgam (silver) fillings are not being used as frequently in today’s day and age due to their harmful health effects and because most people don’t like the look of silver in their mouth. Silver fillings are harsh on the eyes and can be visible when you smile, eat and talk. Dr. Sama is excited to help you change your drab silver fillings into sparkly, white fillings or porcelain to help make you more confident in your smile!

16 Mile Dental in Oakville, Ontario can also assist you when you have stained or naturally yellow teeth. Teeth whitening and composite bonding are among the most popular procedures to help give you a whiter smile. Teeth whitening involves bleaching your teeth to lighten the natural shade of your teeth. Composite bonding is another service provided by Dr. Sama when the natural shade of your teeth is not improvable by whitening. This procedure involves using a white filling material to renew the look of your front teeth. Dr. Sama takes pride in her cosmetic work and believes everyone has the right to a natural-looking, white smile!

If it is a missing tooth you are worried about, we may have a solutionrr is a missing tooth you ari awhile smile you have always dreamed of!eneers on front teeth that have been heavily resto! A dental implant is done to replace a tooth that needed to be extracted or for a congenitally missing tooth. Dental implants are an excellent solution to those looking for a sustainable, long-lasting tooth replacement. Implants can also be used in place of dentures for a more comfortable lifestyle.

16 Mile Dental can also help rejuvenate your smile by placing crowns or veneers on front teeth that have been heavily restored with fillings, or that have been moderately cracked or broken. A dental crown is a porcelain “cap” that fits over the existing tooth, providing a more aesthetically appealing tooth. Similarly, veneers are also used on front teeth to provide a conservative and more satisfying look, while only “capping” half of the tooth as opposed to the full tooth.

16 Mile Dental has numerous services to offer people who are not content with their smiles! Of the many dentists in Oakville, we sincerely hope you choose 16 Mile Dental to get that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted!

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