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Let 2019 Win The Smile Of The Year Award With Dr. Sama Salim

Have A New Years Resolution This Year?

We are ready to help you make it come true. Seriously it’s about time you took a moment and thought about yourself. This is the month to make a change and welcome a new year with a positive smile that will shine for the rest of the year!

16 mile dental has all the tips you need to achieve a new years wish. Santa comes around once a year but our lovely Dr. Sama Salim is available all year round to bless you with her dental wisdom and expertise so that you can cross off a wish off of your wish list!

Dr. Sama helps you and encourages you to look after your teeth. It’s as easy as a couple steps to a healthier, brighter smile. Schedule your dental appointments on time. Booking this appointment is one of the most important things you can do. Some times our teeth feel fine but there may be other underlying factors that our naked eye can’t see.

What else can you do to maintain this year’s resolution? Committing to flossing!

We know how hard it is to brush twice a day for 2 minutes! We get it! But add flossing to your daily routine and sooner than later you wont even feel it. Brushing alone isn’t sufficient enough to keep plaque from building up. Adding flossing will make the difference. Want an easy and simple way to remember to floss daily? Put your flossing container right beside your toothpaste, so that you are forced to make contact with it every time you brush! After all, we’re sure you hard of the saying “Only Floss The Teeth You Want To Keep”.

Moreover, did you know that cutting back on sugar for the New Year would absolutely make a difference? Sugar consumption has a direct link with cavity and tooth decay in adults and children. Cutting back will cut the risk down significantly.

Our Dentist at 16 Mile Dental highly recommends cutting back on the use of tobacco substances. Studies have proven that smoking, doubles a persons risk for gum diseases.

And lastly, add mode mouth-healthy foods to your diet. Adding dairy products that contain high calcium levels are very beneficial for your teeth. Adding food-containing fibre can also increase the production of saliva in your mouth helping to scrub away plaque and other small remaining food bites.

Don’t give up; take small steps this month to make this wish come true. We are always here for you to help you and guide you through this process. In case of a dental emergency, just contact one of our staff members to assist you. We are just a phone call away.

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