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16 Mile Dental Awards Winner of The Oakville Awards for Business Excellence (OABE’s)
Why the Name 16 Mile Dental?

From it’s early days as a shipbuilding and agricultural centre to it’s current status as a modern and diverse city, Sixteen Mile Creek has been a silent witness to Oakville’s incredible growth and success.


Previously known to the Mississauga Indians as Niizhozaagiwan, Sixteen Mile Creek runs from the Niagara Escarpment to Oakville where it flows into Lake Ontario between Lakeside and Tannery Park.


Sixteen Mile Dental is proud to name ourselves after the short but important source of fresh water that was the lifeblood of early Oakville and a catalyst for settlement and progress.


We have committed to providing Oakville and surrounding area with the highest level of dental service available. We pledge ongoing dedication to our patients and customers as well as the community that has embraced us. We share and value Oakville’s strong sense of community and we believe that we have a responsibility to support and contribute to the world-class city that we call home!

Our Philosophy

The most evident part of our philosophy is that our patients always come first. Dr. Sama genuinely believes that all patients should be treated like part of her own family. With a loving husband and two daughters, Dr. Sama truly understands how important it is for people to find an honest, trustworthy health professional to care for their families. Dr. Sama takes pride in providing dental care that goes above and beyond what is considered to be the “standard of care” for dentists, because she would expect nothing less for her own family. With her gentle demeanour, professional conduct and extremely ethical values, she is sure to make your dental visit the most comfortable and relaxing you have ever experienced! 16 Mile Dental is unlike any dental office you have ever stepped foot in. Dr. Sama believes in providing the best of the best for her patients, which is why she has chosen to equip the office with many newer technologies that will help make your dental visits a breeze! The décor has been chosen specifically to create a warm, elegant and relaxing atmosphere so when you walk through the office doors, you are immediately at ease.

All of the wonderful staff at 16 Mile Dental are here to cater to you and your family’s needs. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you never have to search for another dentist – THIS is your new home! 16 Mile Dental – Where Modern Meets Comfort and Patients Become Family! 

Our Core Values
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We clearly communicate with our patients as well as our team.

Compassion Icon.PNG


We show compassion in everything we do. We treat our patients like family.

Honesty Icon.PNG


Our loyalty to our relationships with our patients is unbound.

Kindness Icon.PNG


We maintain a caring and kind approach to our patients.

Leadership Icon.PNG


We take on the responsibility of being leaders in the dental industry.

Consistency Icon.PNG


We consistently deliver enjoyable experience on our way to excellency.

Honesty Icon.PNG


You can trust us to do exactly what we say we will do.

Teamwork Icon.PNG


All for one and one for all.

We Are All About Teamwork
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