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Dr. Waled Jarjis

Dr. Waled was always curious about the dental setting from a young age where unlike most other children, he enjoyed going to the dentist.


He particularly appreciates the interplay between the science of dentistry and the hands-on aspect of the profession. Ultimately, it was the opportunity to improve a patient’s oral health and overall life that led Dr. Waled to embark on his journey to becoming a dentist.

After attaining his Honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto, Dr. Waled went to Philadelphia where he earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine from Temple University.




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He values compassion and empathy and treats his patients as if they are his family.


He always tries to ensure that they feel comfortable in the dental chair as he understands how much anxiety a dental visit can cause. Dr. Waled plans to continually take courses so that he can excel in all areas of general dentistry.

In his spare time, he loves being active whether it is cycling or going for hikes. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends and would love to eventually travel all over the world.




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