Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric (Kids) Dentistry


At 16 Mile Dental, we provide dental care for the entire family, including pediatric dental care for children of all ages. Regular care for children is extremely important in setting a great foundation for a lifetime of good oral hygiene and a healthy smile.


Your child should have his or her first dental appointment after the first tooth appears and before his or her first birthday. While children do lose their "baby" teeth, these teeth are imperative in helping children speak and chew properly. Baby teeth also create a path for their adult teeth to follow. Do you have questions about your child’s visit to the dentist? Read below or give us a call today, our team would be happy to help!

First Dental Examination


We LOVE our kids! At 16 Mile Dental, we empathize with parents who struggle to get their kids to the dentist. The dentist can be an intimidating and confusing time for children of all ages. This is why it is crucial to make their dental visits fun! From meeting “Mr. Thirsty,” to going for a “chair ride,” our caring and patient team happily dedicates as much time as needed to make your kids feel safe and at ease. We gladly provide routine check-ups and cleanings, sportsguards, braces, oral hygiene education, and more! Dr. Sama and her amazing team are sure to satisfy all of YOUR child’s needs!