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Dr. Sama Salim
DMD University of British Colombia

I once thought that architecture was my chosen lifetime career. My father was an artist and mechanical engineer and like him, I’d spend countless hours drawing and creating unique works of art, he gave me the love of science and natural creativity. My mother, a statistician passed on her natural traits of logic, reason, organization, communication and structure so I was blessed with a blend of tools that enabled me to see strengths that would shape my future destiny.

However, an affection and affinity towards the arts, sciences and structure were not enough to inspire my passion. As a person who loves to immerse myself into the lives of people, empower them, educate them and help them to tackle their problems in order to see the world in a brighter light, I gravitated more and more towards dentistry as a means to personal fulfillment and a lifetime commitment.




Dentists are like architects whose structures are connected to the softer soul. As buildings with glimmering windows enable a brighter view of the world, so do radiant smiles. A smile reveals a lot about how one’s emotions, personality and even physical health in interacting with the outside world. And when presented with patients who don’t smile, I love the immediate gratification to help them discover their inner beauty so they leave more content and beaming.

My knowledge and skills have flourished with earning my DMD degree from the University of British Colombia. I love challenge and embrace it as an opportunity to learn and contribute; to supplement my role as a health care professional to promote dental health and overall wellness to my patients. I constantly engage myself in continuing education courses to stay updated and to broaden my horizon as a competent clinician. I take pride in my ability to practice dentistry with high ethical standards as well as to deliver quality dental care to my patients.

I enjoy photography, outdoor nature, traveling and spending time with my husband Ahmad and our lovely daughters Mariam and Fatima.

Thank you for your time and for visiting our website .. we value your time and trust.


  • The Professional Services Provider of the Year Award! by the Oakville Chamber and Oakville Rotary!

  • Top Dentist in Kitchener, Ontario by International Association of Dentists, July 2013

  • American College of Dentists Award in Ethics and Professionalism, UBC 2011

  • International Student Award in Dentistry, UBC 2011

  • British Columbia Society of Endodontists Prize, UBC 2011

  • President’s Award, A PLUS Institute – 2007. In recognition of highest academic achievement and dedication to the profession



Dr. Sama won the Professional Services Provider of the Year Award! We are so honoured to have been selected by the Oakville Chamber and Oakville Rotary! Thank you to everyone who has supported us every step of the way! We are beyond grateful to be a part of the Oakville community!



platinum invisalign provider | Dr. Sama Salim | 16 Mile Dental | Oakville | Ontario | Canada
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“my love and passion to cherry blossom .. go back to living in Vancouver for two years while qualifying my dental degree.. the bitter sweet years of my life .. being away from my family, my husband and my two young daughters at the time.. was very tough.. walking to school every day.. smelling the ocean breeze and looking at the vibrant cherry blossom trees during spring.. brought so much joy and peace to my heart”

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