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16 Mile Dental | Teeth Whitening | Zoom Teeh Whitening | Oakville

The ZOOM! Teeth Whitening Experience


At 16 Mile Dental, there is no shortage of compassionate, caring staff who strive to perfect our patients’ smiles. Our high quality of care combined with our drive to provide a comfortable and unique experience has driven us to create a “spa-like” treatment room. ZOOM! whitening is a revolutionary teeth whitening system, more commonly known for its use on ABC’s Extreme Makeover. Let us pamper you during your teeth whitening treatment! You will be seated in our revolutionary dental chair where you can relax in a dimmed light setting, breathing in a relaxing lavender aroma. Having done ZOOM! teeth whitening treatment herself, Dr. Sama is a big believer that feeling confident with your smile will help improve overall self-confidence. By improving self-confidence, you will improve your quality of life.

Everyone deserves to be pampered. What’s holding YOU back? Call us today!


Why Get Teeth Whitening? Will it hurt?


73% of people say that a person’s teeth is the first thing they notice. Not only does teeth whitening positively affect other people’s first impression of you, it will more importantly affect the way you look at yourself. Teeth whitening is the most sought after cosmetic procedure, and for good reason! In just one short hour, you will have a whiter, brighter smile.


Dr. Sama gets a lot of questions about sensitivity with whitening. Although some people may become sensitive during whitening treatment, we do our best to perform numerous precautionary measures to help completely prevent, or at least reduce, the amount of sensitivity felt during the procedure. Call us for a complimentary whitening consultation where Dr. Sama will evaluate your mouth and advise you if she believe sensitivity may be an issue. Although sensitivity is a minor and relatively uncommon complaint, our hundreds of satisfied patients agree that the results are worth it. Still have questions? Call today for your free consultation!

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