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Valuable Advice for Better Dental Health

We use our teeth in SO many different ways. One of the best ways we use our teeth is with a big smile! Another great way we use our teeth is to gather with dear friends and family over a large feast. Although having healthy, white, straight teeth is important to most, there is much more to a healthy mouth than the teeth that occupy it.

The dental professionals at 16 Mile Dental in Oakville have spent years studying and getting clinical experience in all areas of the mouth, including assessment of salivary glands, gums, bones and the nervous system, which all contribute to your overall health. Dr. Sama understands that health issues can originate from within the mouth and therefore, she provides extremely thorough exams and assessments to reflect the importance of maintaining a healthy oral cavity.

Common complaints about the mouth include sensitive teeth, canker sores, and/or bad breath. But do you know how these can affect your overall health? Sometimes, the issues you hide from your dentist can be the most detrimental to your health. This is why it is crucial to give your dentist as much information as possible for them to come to diagnose issues and provide solutions that may significantly impact your health.

Another one of the most common oral health issues that can affect the whole body is plaque. Plaque is the white, fuzzy material made of food and bacteria. If left on the teeth for more than 48 hours by inadequate brushing and flossing, it can harden into what we call tartar or calculus. When tartar or calculus is left on the teeth, it can start to affect the gums and underlying bone. This is called gingivitis (disease of the gums) or periodontitis (disease of the bone). Gingivitis and periodontitis have been proven to be connected to serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Plaque can also demineralize the enamel that helps protect your teeth and can contribute to the formation of cavities.

Because we care, here are some helpful tips on keeping your teeth AND gums healthy:

  • When brushing your teeth, make sure to brush your tongue, cheeks AND gums

  • Use a mouthrinse to clear the remaining bacteria after brushing and flossing. This should be done last

  • Maintain your routine check-ups and cleanings

  • Ask your hygienist for other oral aids and tips that are specific to YOU

16 Mile Dental guarantees they will provide thorough screenings every time you come to an appointment. Your dental professional is always searching for warning signs of gum disease, oral cancer, or other oral indications of systemic disease.

16 Mile Dental in Oakville proudly offers services and advice to protect the future of your oral health. Because our patients are part of our extended family, we care for you in every way we can. Please ask us if you have any questions or concerns about your oral health!

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